Psy 270 Week 5 Learning Theory Research Paper

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There are five different types of learning theories, behaviorism, cognitivism, humanism, social learning, or constructivism. All of them propose various ways through which learning is realized. However, there is no single set of learning theory, which if followed to the latter can grant a tutor a perfect outcome in the classroom. For many years, the study of learning has resulted in heated debates. It has been at the center of educational psychology. Even though psychologists agree on the significance of learning as a topic of study, they often fail to agree on the mechanics of how the process of learning occurs. Shunk et al. (2012), define learning as "the process of acquiring a relatively permanent change in understanding, attitude, knowledge, information, ability, and skill is…show more content…
This paper compares two of the five learning theories; cognitivism and behaviorism, in three ways. Firstly, the role of the facilitator is evaluated. Secondly, the paper analyses the process through which student learn and make meaning in both theories. Finally, the paper reviews the benefits and challenges of the approaches as they relate to adult development. The cognitive theory focuses on how people learn from the processing of information. It discusses the concept such as memory, problem-solving as well as decision-making. Like behaviourists, they observed actions empirically to make interpretations about the internal mental progression (Yilmaz, 2011). According to Kuljis & Lui (2005) and Taylor et al. (2000), focus on arguments on how student learn large volumes of meaningful information by exposing them to a verbal teaching method. They put forth that learning is to a substantial extent, based on information presented in a sequential and organized manner to students. This thought enhances meaningful learning, comprehension and retaining of the acquired
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