Psy 270 Week 6 Checkpoint

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The study will have an experimental design involving groups of three people, two of which will be told beforehand about what the experiment will be about. Subjects will be analyzed in a classroom setting where familiar people will interact with them. This will help subjects feel more comfortable and allow us to observe whether or not they fall into peer pressure when under their element. The comparing value will be their age and grade. The dependent variable will be how well the subject can follow instructions. We will observe whether they do or do not do what the teacher instructs them, if they follow the other two students’ actions, or if they act in some different way. The purpose of the experiment is to study a person’s behavior under peer…show more content…
Our hypothesis is that girls to do a little bit better than boys because normally boys care less about rules than girls do. We also expect freshmen to do better than sophomores, because sophomores have already a brief look on high school, and freshmen are still really new to this setting. This will be verified after all recordings have been compared. All videos will be analyzed and compared by the same group of students. Our experimental study will be ethical because a letter explaining the procedures of videotaping has been assigned to all students attending the school at the beginning of the year.. The experiment will take place as planned and only stop if an emergency were to unexpectedly take place. If they decide to keep their names anonymous, subjects will be able to tell us and we will do so. Any questions subjects have will be made beforehand and answered, so no problems come up while the study takes place. If requested, tutors/parents of subjects will receive a copy of the rundown of the experiment and results, as well as recordings including their
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