Psy 270 Week 6 Public Health Analysis

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My week 6 in Public Health was filled with unprofessionalism and full of sadness how public school has become. I was at Mt. Gleason again this week with Nurse Archer and Nurse Ana. We had to organize health immunization cards that has not been organized for a while. While organizing the health immunization cards, we noticed that the health immunization cards that were in the filing cabinets were mostly students that transitioned to Middle School or have transferred to another schools. It was very disorganized. Nurse Ana was doing her Individualized Education Program that was not done by the other nurse who just walked out and quit her position. It was a very productive day, but there was some unprofessionalism that was going on as well that unfortunately as a student like me should not be hearing. My mom always says, “In in one…show more content…
I had a fun, busy, and learned a lot kind of day. Nurse Lily was very pleasant, informative, and she wanted to me to do hands on nursing care with the students. That day was Puberty educational day for the 5th graders. There were parents that we showed the Puberty video separate from the students. I was shocked to see that there were only seven parents that showed up and they were all female. They did not have any questions and some were on their cell phone and not watching the video. Then at 11am and 1pm, the Puberty video was shown separately to the girls and then to the boys. While watching the video with the boys, I was sitting on the back of the auditorium and just observing the boy’s reaction. I noticed that the boys started whispering to each other, laughing quietly when the section of the video was about growing hair on different parts of the body, and about the male private parts. During the girl’s puberty video, the girls did not react or giggled when it was about the female private parts and menstruation. It shows the maturity level between the boys and the
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