Psy 270 Week 8 Checkpoint

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What is/are your approach/approaches to this lesson, please explain your approach? Teaching the lesson on characters viewpoint, I used the bottom-top approach to help students understand what they were looking for when describing the viewpoint of a character. When starting the lesson, I had the student explain to me what is a character and how can the reader know who is the main character. Once students were able to define a character, we changed the discussion to thinking of how every character is different. Students were able to successfully describe to why characters in a story each character is acts or thinks different. The next step was going over how to describe students viewpoints by focusing on the characters actions, how they feel, and what they see through the story. When reading the book, I insured to make pauses …show more content…

In the **** I could have added a visual for them to look back at. Choosing a character all students were familiar with would have helped them understand how to use the given information to understand the characters viewpoint. Referring to a book the students have recently read and only focusing on the main character would have been a *** example. Starting by going over what occurred in the book, and reflecting about the characters viewpoint through the story. By only focusing on the characters viewpoint would have helped the two students understand what to look for. Also, by writing on the board the student’s answer will help students look back on the answers. When working on their group they could have gone back to the example, and refocused themselves on what they should be looking when thinking of the characters viewpoint. Being visually creating in the beginning of teaching the lesson would have avoided students to become confused when working with their group

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