Explain What Camera Shots That Are Used In The Wizard Of Oz

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1. If you were directing a theater production of The Wizard of Oz, how would you handle the scene with the tornado (starting at time code 15:09)? Would you include a "tornado" in your production? If so, how would you create the impression of a tornado? The way that i would create the impression of the tornado would be adding in a scene where the wind is calm at first but more in time the wind will begin to pick up. I then would add the tornado and have parts on the film were all kinds of anchorless things flying everywhere because of the wind. 2. Describe three different camera shots that are used in The Wizard of Oz. What effect or purpose does each camera shot have in the scene in which it was used? Some camera shots that were taken in the wizard of Oz was when the tornado was being shown out in the distance, showing how powerful it was. Then there was the shot where dorothy was helplessly moving around out in the open, to where the wind could easily push her round. The last shot was when the tornado picked up the house and it showed what dorothy was seeing out the window. 3. If you were staging The Wizard of Oz as a theater production, how would you handle the character of Toto? Would you use a real dog or use some alternative? What would be the advantages and disadvantages of your choice? Think about aspects such as cost, realism, predictability,…show more content…
Both Singin' in the Rain and The Wizard of Oz include musical and dance numbers. How do the musical/dance pieces compare in the two films? Which film makes better use of music and dance? Why? The way that the two films are similar when it comes to there music and dance would be when it starts off as a conversation, then as time goes on the music played first and all the thoughts go into singing how they feel. I believe that singin in the rain showed more of the singing and dance better because that was what the whole film was mainly about while in my point of view, the wizard of Oz more based on teamwork and
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