Psy 270 Week 9 Final Paper

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In chapter five, Greene and Lee (2011) discuss about the importance of goals and how to define the goals from the client’s perspective. There are a couple of questions that a practitioner can use to help define the goals for the individual, or in the case a group. I could select a couple of different questions to help define the goals of this group. There are two questions that I feel might work well to define goals for this group. The first question I would ask to the group members would be in the form the time travel format. The question would be, “Imagine that you have been given the gift of a time travel with the ability to travel two years into the future. Let us all imagine that at this time in the future your feelings of sadness, loneliness, anxiety, and loss have been lessened or you hare successfully able to cope.…show more content…
How does your future self feel? What will those around you from the future see that will tell them that you no longer having difficulty coping with your feelings of sadness, loneliness, anxiety, and loss” (Greene & Lee, 2011)? I feel like this would help to define goals because it looks at what the client is looking to feel in the future. Right now they are having strong feelings that are associated with grief and are having trouble coping. This might be because they are focusing on things in the past and what was. By having the question structured like this, it might be able to get group members to try and look a little bit beyond strong feelings they are having right now. This could then lead to discussing what skills group members want to work towards in the group sessions in order to be able to cope better. This question may help them to be able to come up with goals of which coping skills they think would work best. This will help the members to visualize what the future that they want, which will then help in figuring out the goals of the
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