Psy/275 Week 1 Assignment

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In order to achieve this goal, I will take the following steps or I would take the following actions. Action 1) identifying the pressures that have been created: pressure situations have an indirect and direct Impact on both yourself and your surroundings. The most common signs of a person whom is pressured/ stressed are firstly an individual may develop a loss of interest in his or her work, have trouble concentrating or is socially withdrawn from a group with a group situation or the individual becomes anti-social (Mortillaro & Scherer, 2014). I will need to utilise my ability to allocate time within my days off and lunch breaks at work to identify any issues that may arise within my Co-operative Education at Ogilvy and Mather. Action 2)…show more content…
Thus by starting small or asserting yourself with much smaller tasks such as asking to be moved to a different seat in a restaurant. By being assertive in smaller situations such as in a restaurant will enable individuals to become confident in being appropriately assertive (Tartakovsky, 2015). Step 2) Identifying Personal Limits (learn to say no): For myself I find it hard to say no to people whom ask something of me I feel that I’m being rude and selfish. However, being assertive in this sense is considered to be healthy for an individual to set these limits according to (Pfafman & McEwan, 2014). Step 3) communication within the workplace: The communication of an individual’s needs and feelings within an organisation can relieve one’s workplace pressures but also builds the confidence of an individual to become for assertive in appropriate situations within the workplace. By communicating with others about a needs and feelings towards certain roles within an organisation will eliminate the common feeling of guilt when being assertive. According to (Pelling, 2014) guilt is a common feeling felt by people whom are not used to being assertive and is overcome by repetition of events where an individual is appropriately

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