Psy/275 Week 2 Assignment

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Week two has been a little more challenging versus week one. I was tempted with sweet tea several times which has made it more difficult. I truly expected it to be easier because I thought after the first week my body would start to adapt without the caffeine from sweet tea. This is not how I expected the assignment to go. I honestly thought I would not have any issues or have any withdrawal symptoms. I was not aware of how addicted I was to sweet tea. I am having more withdrawal symptoms this week than what I experienced in the previous week. Physically I feel more tired and have less energy throughout the day. I also am having a headache every day, that lasts all day. I can no longer have a sweet tea with lunch, which would give me that boost to get through the afternoon work day. I feel grumpy and irritable without the caffeine. I find myself craving sweet tea throughout the day. I supplement that craving with water, but it is not the same. This week has been a struggle. I am still thinking positively about this assignment, but I am more distraught this week versus the previous one. This …show more content…

Since this is the halfway mark, I am positive that I can make it for the remainder of the days. I feel that it will be more of a struggle over the next three weeks. My withdrawal symptoms may worsen and lead me wanting to relapse. I expect week three to be more difficult than these past two. With the support of my accountability partner and my self-determination, I believe that I can make it without tea for 15 more days! I do plan on rewarding myself with a Sonic sweet tea after this assignment! I cannot wait for that day. I am happy to see the light at the end of tunnel for this assignment. It has been eye opening so far to see what an addict goes through in withdrawal. I cannot imagine being a true addict to alcohol or drugs and living through those withdrawal symptoms. Living without sweet tea is challenging

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