Psy/315 Week 3

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1. In your own words, how would you define "intelligence" and how does it differ from "information"? Use an example to make your case. a. Information is produced when data points are combined to answer a question an example would be the biometric system, it gathers height and weight can produce a BMI score and can then be put on a chat determine in you fall within the normal range for the country of the person. Intelligence goes into more detail searching more into data. The same examples BMI score could be used anyone to determine whether that person is an aid for whatever reason. 2. What is the difference between intelligence and counterintelligence? a. Intelligence is information collected to further a mission. While counterintelligence…show more content…
A literature review is a summary of the argument in a research paper. A literature review is used to see what has or has not been investigated, to put the work in a perspective and provide evidence to support work. 4. How does deductive logic differ from inductive logic? a. The inductive logic being with specific observation and goes up to a generalization while deductive being with the generalization and goes toward a prediction. 5. What is the difference between a null hypothesis and a hypothesis? a. A null hypothesis starts by assuming that the null hypothesis starts by assuming that the hypothesis is fake. Null hypothesis has no effect. A hypothesis gathers evidence against the null hypothesis, so the null can be rejected. The hypothesis is when you have an idea and you justify it that is right and gather evidence 6. Describe the differences between dependent and independent variables. a. The difference between dependent and independent variables is that the independent is the variables that are changing or controlled in an experiment to test the effects on the dependent variable. In the Stefan-Boltzmann law experiment, for example, volts would be the independent variable while the radiation in millivolts would be the dependent variable. 7. What are the differences between qualitative and quantitative

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