Psy/315 Week 4

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How Many Tests… It is imperative for an effective administrator to be able to look at, and interpret a piece of data given to them and to determine how it can be used to assess and evaluate school improvement. The data may not give the administrator precisely the information needed, but a capable leader should be able to determine what statistical tests they could run to gain the information prevalent to their building and its issues with the data provided. For reflection ten, we were shown data containing a student set, the instructional method used, a percentage of correct answers in language, a percentage of correct answers in math, and an average Case 21 score. We were instructed to generate ten questions, determine the test we would use, as well as the data we would need to run the determined tests. Below is…show more content…
Is there a statistically significant difference in the mean scores between ELA, Math, and average case 21 scores among teachers who are providing general education instruction? General education students need to be separated by teacher, next you would run a single factor ANOVA test by plugging in the data percentages, and case 21 averages of each teacher to see if the scores are significantly different from one another. This would aid in determining teacher effectiveness. 2. An additional ANOVA could be run to determine the same information for project pass instructional method, to determine teacher effectiveness. 3. As the percentage of male scores in ELA increase, does the percentage of male scores in Math increase as well? I would run a positive correlation to determine the extent to which the variables are related. 4. The sample means from project pass students are not equal and therefore will be statistically significantly different. I would run an independent sample t-Test using an average of the scores from the project pass instruction students as one variable, and an average of the scores of the general education instruction

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