Psy201 Week 3 Assignment

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Which of these two statements do you believe is truer of today 's employees? Or is the situation the reverse in that while people are busy living a life, they are also earning a living to support their lifestyle. I believe this is truer I’m living a life but my earnings are not supporting my lifestyle. If you consider my lifestyle my kid and bills then yes other than that my job is my life support to staying comfortable. My job definitely consumes part of my day and life. People have to grow within a job. The cycle continues as you get older different jobs they should be able to have personal control over their own life, obtain skilled work habits and attitudes. Everyone is different and that what makes his or her self-concept, abilities, values,…show more content…
Take a position on whether work is the primary factor of your identity and respond accordingly Honestly, I think that work is a primary factor of my identity the job I work for now is not satisfying. I want more out of a job and something that I just get up and go to. I want to enjoy my job just as much as I enjoy life. There’s no growth with this company it like you continue to be in that one space and not going work adjustment is more reactive I’m looking to make changes in myself and environment. If I learn more about myself opens more career opportunity. All my experiences will lead to growing with another employer. The super theory showed me that li predicts your future career based on what you have been doing in careers throughout your life. In my career know there’s no room for growth to go higher than where I’m at know associate. I want to be at a job where growth is possible. Using my abilities, personality traits, and the opportunities to show my work patterns. I worry about my future career and wonder if I’ll succeed and grow to different
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