Psych's Portrayal Of Crime Shows

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Psych is yet another unrealistic portrayal of crime shows. This show falls under the category of police because they assist the police in many cases and help them solve the crime. However, this show is highly inaccurate because of the situation. There is a man who wanted to move out of a situation, so he pretended to be a psychic. In reality, of the TV show, he just happened to be supper observant because his cop father raised him after his mom passed away. His father than taught him the skills of a police officer. This show does have some basis in reality because police sometimes do higher psychics to help on a case. Psych unlike many crime shows only falls into one crime category because the show only ever focuses on the detectives. This …show more content…

CSI is a show that takes a team of forensic scientists who are trained to solve crimes by combing a scene for evidence and finding the missing link in the case and dramatizes what they do. Before CSI aired very few people knew about DNA or what a forensic scientist did. After CSI aired DNA became a household term and taught the people who watched the show how important blood, saliva, and skin evidence is to a case. They also show how those elements help to solve a case. CSI uses these effects to keep people coming back to the show. While the depiction of what CSI’s do and how they do it isn’t the most accurate part of the show, that isn’t the point. The goal and point of the show is to create something entertaining that keeps people wanting more, so they keep coming …show more content…

Since the show is based on reality and real police officers it has more of a stance on showing what police officers do and how they actually go about catching bad guys. While the show isn’t entirely accurate or reliable it does give some scene for what the job is like. The TV show does some false ideas that people tend to fall pray too. Idea such that African Americans are more likely to be arrested than white Americans and that all the people arrested end up charged with some kind of crime which isn’t the case. Since the goal of the show is to provide an idea for what cops do, one would think that the depiction of who is arrested and what goes on is accurate to at least some degree. However, like most crime shows it falls short. In conclusion, the media plays a large roll in the way that crime is portrayed through TV. The media influences people’s views of crime and the criminal justice system by influencing what they are shown through TV. The media uses TV shows about different kinds of crime to show people what life is like for the people in our society who fight crime. There are four different categories that a crime show can fall under. In some cases one show could fall under multiple categories depending on what the show is talking about. The different categories include detective, police, criminal, and federal

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