Psyche Editing Analysis

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Our film, Psyche, is about a teenage girl, Deirdre, who is being physically and emotionally abused by a family friend, a man named Channing. Channing has been sexually assaulting Deirdre as well as causing her to have bruises on her body. Deirdre’s family does not help her in her situation, thus she feels that she has no way of escaping her trauma. This is made worse when she discovers that she is pregnant with Channing’s baby, and this drives her to believe suicide is her only option to be free of her pain. The editing theories that I am going to be using in my editing of the short film Psyche are as follows: From Ken Dancyger’s The Technique Of Film Video Editing: History, Theory and Practice: Vsevolod I. Pudovkin’s experiment where subjects were shown an image of an actor, and the each subject was shown a different image in the…show more content…
My primary focus is to ensure that the audience understands what is happening in terms of narrative, as there is little dialogue in the film. The first scene of the film is of Deirdre and Channing seated in a car in an empty parking lot. Emotionally intense dialogue occurs between our two characters before Deirdre attempts to climb out of the car and slams the car door. Discomfort and fear needs to be created in the conversation between our characters, as our main character, Deirdre, is feeling fear and discomfort during that conversation. We originally see a shot of Deirdre and Channing sitting in a car, then of Channing staring blankly into the rearview mirror. The camera cuts to a shot of Channing’s hand on Deirdre’s thigh, moving upwards, before they start their conversation. This shot of Channing’s hand on Deirdre’s leg immediately tells the viewer that there is a sexual relationship between our
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