Psychiatric Hospital Case Study

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Towards Healing Environment for the Inpatient Unit in Psychiatric Hospital

Dr. Mustafa Galal Ramadan
Associate Professor, Architecture department, Misr High Institute of Engineering & Technology, Mansoura, Egypt
College of Architectural Engineering & digital design, Dar Al Uloom University, Riyadh, KSA

Abstract: The internal environment of the psychiatric hospitals design is considered one of the most complex types of design processes that the architect deals with and the most difficult. The difficulties of the design stems from number of factors, such as the steady expansion of the technology of psychiatry, and development in the field of psychotherapy over the years, which in turn is reflected on the building's design and increasing the
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3. Design Recommendations for Psychiatric Hospitals
This part presents a group of recommendations that help in designing Psychiatric Hospitals:
3.1. Location
Mental health units will be located within existing Medical Centers and within relatively close proximity to the Emergency Department. This allows convenient access for patients, families, staff and facilitates transport and the ability to treat co-morbid medical issues [Design guide,2010].
3.2. Efficiency
Minimize unnecessary travel distances for nursing staff to use support space and to reach patient rooms in an inpatient setting. Place most frequently used support areas closest to the central nursing area. Support spaces, such as storage and utility rooms, should be designed to be shared where possible to reduce the overall need for space [Design guide, 2010]. 3.3. Flexibility
The design needs to respond to changing workloads, care objectives, and technologies, such as wireless technologies for staff. Standardization of unit layouts should be developed to reduce care team orientation to different units and to streamline maintenance of each unit. Spaces should be universally designed to accommodate a range of related functions [Design
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The technical requirements to operate the building should be integrated in a manner to support this concept. Patient privacy should be maintained without compromising the operational realities of close observation, safety, and security [Design guide,2010].
3.5. Reducing Patient and Staff Stress
Design can be as an open layout with attractive views of the exterior, with no unnecessary barriers between staff and patient. Using natural light in staff/patient areas, taking into account the noise control. Also using of natural materials, a soothing color palette and residential character in the interior design of the facility will be so effective. Provide attractive, secure outdoor spaces and healing gardens directly off the unit [Design guide,2010].
3.6. Patient Safety
A key architectural objective should be to reduce emphasis on the institutional aspects of care and to surround the patient with furniture, furnishings, and fixtures that are appropriate from a safety standpoint but are more residential in appearance. Proper planning and design should appeal to the spirit and sensibilities of both patients and care providers [Design

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