Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

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5 Areas of Study for the Master of Science in Nursing Student Longtime professionals working in the nursing field have witnessed unimaginable changes during their careers. [1] They have watched nursing transform from a secretarial role to one where nurses now practice autonomously and collaborate with specialty providers. Today’s nurses directly contribute to the welfare of patients and their families. Some veteran nurses describe this transition with words such as positively challenging, fulfilling, and remarkable. Today, various training and education can open up a world of opportunity for nursing professionals. Nurses might work with various interests such as community organizations, lawmakers, or national organizations. Some advanced…show more content…
In addition, the practitioners will identify environmental threats that could lead to unhealthy conditions for particular patients. More importantly, local family practice nurses analyze community conditions to determine how certain setting may influence consumer health. Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Psychiatric mental health nurses treat individuals and varying populations to monitor and maintain their mental wellness. [3] After assessing consumer’s mental health, the specialists develop customized treatment plans to server patient’s wellness needs. Psychiatric mental health nurses also serve as primary care providers in some settings. They diagnose and treat individuals and families with therapy and prescriptions. Psychiatric mental health nurses might operate private practices and consult with community organizations, corporations, individuals, and lawmakers. These practitioners may work in subspecialties treating specific clientele such as juveniles or substance abuser. Others may not visit with patients at all, working purely in consulting capacities. Women’s Health Nurse…show more content…
Geriatric nurse practitioners also evaluate internal and external influences that might affect a senior patient. Internal influences may include health habits, while external influences could include workplaces or familial abuse. Part of this process involves establishing the patient’s medical background and associating how aging has influenced a particular client. After gathering these combined data, the nurse specialist will develop a customized treatment plan to maintain or improve the client’s wellness. Advanced practice nurses may find that their interest in specialties changes over time. [4] Alternatively, nurse practitioners could enjoy a particular field throughout their career, but seek to provide service in different ways, such as shifting focus from clinical practice to legislative reform. Despite the career path that an advanced practice nurse chooses, consumers will continue to require their specialized services and these professionals will always find that a world of opportunity is available due to the profession that they have

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