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There are an incredibly diverse amount of opportunities offered by the Georgetown University School of Medicine that seem to perfectly align with my own interests. What struck me immediately was the strong focus on service to others, due to the Jesuit traditions that make up the foundation of the school. As far as my future aspirations in medicine go, my experience working at the psychiatric center gave me some more insight into my own interests and values. Because of this, as well as my Neurobiology major in college, I have a particularly keen interest in geriatric medicine and psychiatry. I am not naïve enough to be assured in this area of medicine based on a single experience but, as of right now, I do find myself drawn to the idea of pursuing a psychiatry residency followed by a fellowship in geriatric psychiatry. My sense of obligation towards the elderly stems from a general feeling of neglect that I have often sensed regarding their care. I felt this during my time at the psychiatric center as well as during personal experiences, such as my grandmother 's period of failing health at the end of her life. I played an active role in helping my grandmother make medical decisions because I sensed a void and felt a moral duty to fill it. This is the role I want to play as…show more content…
I believe that the method of assimilating material on geriatrics and gerontology into existing coursework is the best way of relaying this important information to the student body. The chance to study geriatrics in my first two years and then continue onto a clinical rotation in geriatrics in my third year is an exciting prospect that is certainly not commonplace in many medical schools, although it should be. The Continuity of Care program is especially exciting and I would definitely participate in this during my first

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