Psycho-Education Case Study

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PSYCHOEDUCATION: Psycho-education therapy is very important for the treatment of mood disorders. It is usually the first step for the treatment of mood disorder. In psycho-education patient’s overall knowledge of their disorder and treatment is enhanced, patient’s willingness to stay on medication is increased and it also helps to prevent relapses when given to patients in remission. The researchers concluded that psycho-education should be a part of standard bipolar treatment. Group therapy: Several patients with mood disorders receive this therapy together. It involves the development of positive coping skills for better control over depression . Group therapy mostly focus on ways to improve self-esteem, help to support one another…show more content…
Only the patient and the therapist are involved in this therapy. The therapist tries to know about the problem of the patient which has caused the mood disorder. Different relaxing exercise are practiced by the patient to reduce depression. Multiple family groups: Many bipolar patients and their families go through sessions together. It is almost similar to the group therapy but only difference is that in group therapy only patients have the sessions together but in multiple family therapy the families the patients are also groups together for the session. The procedure is almost the same as in the group…show more content…
Art therapy is also used to treat the patients of mood disorder. When people express their feeling to someone their stress may decrease. People sing or listen to music or dance to release depression. In dancing , when one moves his body in different postures many endorphins are released in the body. These chemicals called as endorphins reacts with the receptors of the brain and thus releases pain and enhances a feeling of happiness and pleasure in a person. In this way art therapy works to treat mood disorder TAPPING: Tapping is a very easy and painless technique to get rid of depression and other mood disorders. There are 9 pressure points on which tapping is done. The basic technique is to say out loud the negative thought or the event that has caused you depression while tapping. While concentrating on the depressive issue the patient taps foe about 5-7 times on the body’s 9 pressure points. This technique actually helps in accepting and resolving the negative thoughts. This technique also increases the energy of the body thus restoring it to the balanced state. Massage therapy: Massage therapy is another technique for relaxation. This therapy does help in curing the depression but some of the symptoms of depression are cured though massage. It helps to relax the body and relieve the pains in the body. It reduces stress. Massage therapy reduces the tension in the muscles which occur due to

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