Psycho Murder Scene Analysis

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Anton Chigurh shows no mercy to the victim in film no country for old man l Violence and sexual explicitness
It is important to notice that violence and sexual explicitness were not common scenes in the cinemas before Psycho. People were shocked by the kind of violence that Alfred Hitchcock
displayed in the bathroom during the murder of Marion Crane, although the director used montage to show this murder scene without showing any direct contact of the knife and the victim. The people who believed that it was inappropriate since it was extremely graphic criticized the scene. However, the viewers all around the world actually accepted this level of violence. It encouraged many directors to change the scene and came up with movies that are
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In other words, Alfred
Hitchcock inspired other directors to show a similar courage when displaying explicit or horrifying images. montage skill used for violent scene in the film psycho l Manipulative
Apart from being violent, psychopathic characters are also depicted in various films as manipulative. The reason why most psychopathic characters are manipulative is that they have to win the trust and loyalty of their victims (Kolker 181). For example, Norman Bates had to win the trust of Marion Crane not because he wanted to kill her but because he liked her. He would have been more peaceful if Marion accepted his love. He started by asking her for a dinner where he introduced himself. When Marion asked about the mother, Norman was able to give her an explanation that satisfied her curiosity. While in the Motel, Marion had heard a conversation between Norman and his mother. What she did not know was that Norman was actually speaking to his alternative personality that he believes is the mother. After winning her trust, Norman learnt that Marion would be going back to her boss after realizing her mistakes. Although Marion had developed some relationship with Norman, but she did not know that the Norman
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According to Robert Genter, manipulation is one of the most important tools serial killers use to lure their victims (Genter 138). Some serial killers may also rely on their influence in the society to entice their victims. For example, in the movie American Psycho,
Patrick Bateman uses his manipulative skills and influence in business to attract strangers, friends or lovers. Once he has obtained their trust, he brings them to his house where they are murdered or follow them to their houses. The most common target for serial killers or manipulative characters are women because they easily develop trust towards strangers which was showed in the movies. Men usually doesn’t usually be the victims unless the serial killer only targets men. Even in Psycho, women are also depicted as victim from manipulations. It may also be a warning to women to be more careful towards strangers.
Patrick Bateman in the movie American psycho use money to attract strangers l Sexually depraved or sexually addicted
According to Robert Genter, most films tend to depict psychopathic characters as
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