Psycho Narrator In Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven

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Psycho Narrator Have you ever experienced grief so bad that you don 't know what to do with yourself? Some people can go insane or even die. This is the case in Edgar Allen Poe’s poem, “The Raven”. The narrator loses his love Lenore and falls into a trance-like state of grief. He meets a raven: thought to be Lenore 's angel and has a conversation with it, only to become more depressed. The narrator experienced such a high level of grief that he went insane. The narrator sets the mood which is dark and creepy. Almost like it 's from a horror film late at night and he 's up sitting in his chair thinking. It is also in december so it 's cold outside and very very dark. The only thing to see outside is the moon and the branches that cross it 's path. He is going through a rough time and is thinking about sad and dark things. He is up reading and pondering all the things he did wrong. At this time he is weak and weary and can barely…show more content…
He needed the stuff we have in modern day called a safe chamber and a place to have someone watch over him so he didn’t try to do so many deadly and sad things in his life. Sometimes life hits like a truck and makes you feel worthless like Poe did, but he would have made his life better if he tried to become better and happier with his life rather than keep looking back into his past. Imagine if Poe had a happy life and if he had happy poems how different we would think of him and all that he does. He has impacted the poem community heavily and it has changed our mind perspectives. The way sad poems affect us makes us think of different ways it can be interpreted. Out of all the poems he has written to me this one creeps me out the most because the raven is like a constant reminder of how she was dead and now he is and is basically their gravestone. All in all Edgar Allan Poe was
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