Psychoanalysis In Shakespeare's The Tempest

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Abstract: This paper attempts to study the famous play of Williams Shakespeare, The Tempest with the different angle of Psychoanalysis .The three Personality elements of ‘Psychoanalytic Theory’ given by famous psychologist Sigmund Freud can be seen clearly in the characters of the play through this small study . Williams Shakespeare is known for the unique character formation which makes him different from other dramatist or play writers. He takes the characters from different walks of life, they could be ‘ the most foolish king. Or the wisest fool in the king’s court’. His art work generally depicts the keen understanding of human nature. He has the deep knowledge of human psyche, their characters and behaviour. The present study will through light on the personality of different characters from his one of the famous play "The Tempest" . To analyse the characters deeply ,the freud’s ‘Personality structure’, from his very own psychoanalytic theory is used. This study will help us to understand the different characters of William Shakespeare in quite new way. Not just for readability but this study will also help the readers and researchers to understand the characters of different plays, Fiction or Novel with the help of Psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud. The purpose of the study is to bring out dee understanding of different personalities through psychoanalysis of various characters from the play , ‘The Tempest’ of William Shakespeare, my best Play writer.
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