Psychoanalysis Lab Answers

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Thank you Mrs. Ellsworth for coming to me with your questions. I would gladly explain your lab results to you. The test you had done was a urinanlysis. This test is performed to check the specific gravity of a patients urine. This is a quick and simple test used to determine how efficiently the patients kidneys are diluting the urine. If the urine lab results show that the urine is too concentrated, this could be an indication that the patients kidneys are not functioning properly. If your lab results showed your urine had a pH of 6, then that is a great sign because that is the average pH in healthy individuals. Although your pH was in what is considered a normal range, the turbid appearance and amber color suggests that you need to increase the amount of water that you are drinking daily. Your lab results showed that there was no protein in your urine. It is important that a patient would have no protein in the urine because then they would have something called proteinuria. Your results also came back negative for glucose and ketones. Glucose and ketones are not normally found in the urine. If a patient had glucose present in the urine, they would…show more content…
If the lab tests results were negative like it was in your case Mrs. Ellsworth, then there is a small amount of white blood cells present in the urine which is normal. If there is a high WBC esterase count and the lab results come back positive, that would mean that there is inflammation in the urinary tract or kidneys. Fortunately, you had no bilirubin present in the urine. Bilirubin is a waste product produced by the liver and it is not present in the urine in normal healthy individuals. Uribilinogen on the other hand is normally present in the urine but in low concentrations, just like you had in your lab
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