Psychoanalytic Theory Essay

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INTRODUCTION. A set of assumptions or rules on which the practice of an activity is based on is called a theory. It is also a fundamental or a basis used to account for a situation. There are several theories used in counselling practice. However, in this essay I will only deal with the three prominent theories, which are, Psycho-analytic theory, Behavioral theory and Humanistic theory. The first part of this essay will evaluate the Psychoanalytic theory by Sigmund Freud. Psychoanalytical theory defined and evaluated the development and structure of personality. Freud believed human nature is basically deterministic. People were helped to gain an insight into their unconscious thoughts by making them conscious which made easy the release of…show more content…
Help is provided to the clients to enable them strengthen their EGO and protect it from being in any conflict between their ID and SUPEREGO. This theory is used to rectify the client’s character and their system of personality if found to have issues. The theory aims at making the unconscious, conscious by releasing the repressed emotions and experiences. Psychoanalytic theory also aims at helping clients work through their developmental stages not previously resolved well to solve the problem of fixation. Basic Assumptions of Psychoanalytic Theory The first basic assumption of Psychoanalytic theory is that all mental processes are not spontaneous but are determined by the unconscious or pre-existing mental complexes. It assumes that nothing happens accidently and all behaviors are due to unconscious incidences in the minds of the clients. “Another assumption of Psychoanalytic theory is Unconscious motivation. Freudian view suggested that the motivation for any behavior came from the unconscious mind. In addition, it says that typical causes of psychological problems in individuals are from trauma repressed in the unconscious or hidden unresolved issues experienced during early childhood development”. (Guntrip,
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