Psychodynamic Approach Survey: Authentic Leadership

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Psychodynamic Approach Survey
The psychodynamic approach survey describes our personality questionnaire evaluates the components of authentic leadership: self-awareness, internalized moral perspective, balanced processing, and relational transparency. . It assesses our authenticity as a leader.
Me and my coworker have opposite description ratings in this area. I would say that this description fits me when I am on the job. I choose to be quiet when working so I can focus and accomplish more and be able to finish my job in a timely manner. However, if necessary I would speak up in behalf of my patients and team members. My responsibility is greater than my coworker because I oversee the unit to ensure safety and deliver quality care
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Before I deliver what I have to say and do, I would make sure it is for the benefit of my patients and families. It does not mean that I do the job alone but it is a collaborative team effort between me and team members and other disciplinary teams. I may be basing my decisions from the actual data but I do take into consideration the inputs and of others too. I see to it that we have the same understanding with common goal of protecting the safety of our clients. Lastly, I respect the feelings of others regardless we have disagreements on some matters. In fact, we resolve conflicts by reevaluating and resolving them for patients’…show more content…
This is probably due to our general perception towards men and women based on their genders. I do not see this happening as much as it used to be when men are given first hand opportunities to become managers or directors. Women are now holding positions in the workplace. Although, there have been positive changes in the workplace when women start getting the higher management positions, they are still underrepresented in organizations. There are few women in top leadership positions and many women quit from their jobs when they see that there are no opportunities for advancement. Promotion is one of the obstacles that women are faced with. Too often, the top positions are reserved for men. Aside from that, women confront a wage gap problem too. Men and women with similar education, training experience and position receive different pay (Petersen and Morgan

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