Psychodynamic Case Study

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Individual mind is what psychodynamic means. Each person is different in their own mind. When you are a developing child you have a unconscious drive this is what really drives your behavior and emotion. The human life is like an iceberg your conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg is what you are in control of. The bigger part of the iceberg the unconscious is what’s really driving your behavior, because it is unseen. An example of unconscious awareness is called a Freudian slip. You’re going to say something but your tongue slips because unconscious mind says something else this happens primarily during childhood. The tripartite personality theory is one of Freuds biggest area of research. Everybody’s personality is made up of three different entities which are the Id which is your primal instinct such as sex, hunger, lust, and aggression, Ego represents reality how you perceive the world, lastly the Superego is your morality this is what keeps us safe.…show more content…
All mental behavior had an unconscious cause. He believed in talking and listening to a individual talking about their unconscious personality’s. So, they could work out their problems rather than giving them medicine or a lobotomy. advantages of psychodynamic is that it made the case study popular. It emphasizes the importance of childhood because it explains how certain mental diseases and trauma starts from childhood. Sense talking therapy works which means that Psychoanalysis
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