Psychodynamic Model Of Depression Essay

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Depression can have a wide-ranging negative effect on student’s performance and function in school, it is necessary that the instructor provides multiple of accommodation and teaching strategies to promote these student’s success (Crundwell & Killu, 2010). According to Austin & Sciarra (2010) there are three models of depression:
I. Psychodynamic models- Depression among children is viewed in terms of loss that originated from childhood helplessness and the disruption of emotional bonding with the primary caregiver. From this result a lack of self-esteem, meaning that the child has no inner self-worth, depending on outer sources for approval for his or her self- worth; when these (outer) sources are lost, depression arises.
II. Behavioral models- Depression produced by lack of positive reinforcement. Depressed children show behaviors that are less likely to produce positive reinforcement, but that do draw attention to the child and provide a sense of control. So, if teachers notice this type of depress behavior in students what they can do include not reinforcing the depressed behaviors, to reserve praise and encouragement for those behaviors that seem to increase in tasks and social functioning. Another depression is learned helplessness, which
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Cognitive Models- View depression as a direct outcome of bad and irrational thoughts. Therefore, the primary steps in assisting a student who is depressed include teaching the student to substitute positive self-talk for negative self-statement. For example, if the student continuously put herself down saying “I am a bad student.” the teacher can assign her homework which include correcting the statement saying “I am a good student.” Also, other school based-intervention such as guidance lesson that teach the relationship between thoughts and feelings, and role-playing activities that center on the problem at hand and symptoms of childhood depression (rejection, feeling of guilt, and failure) may be

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