Psychodynamic Perspective Essay

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The Psychodynamic perspective believe that problems are rooted in the unconscious mind. X seems to have a lot of problems from childhood that have carried on through adulthood. Psychotherapy believes that problems that occur in childhood that are unresolved through development, are the causes of problems in adulthood. This effects our behaviours and feelings as adults. This could be a possible reason why TP seems to be distant with his three children, as his own father was distant with him. Without the loving embrace of a father figure when he was younger, he might struggle to show affection towards his own children, as he has never experienced that affection himself. The death of his mother when he was ten years of age could have also had…show more content…
TP doesn’t seem to be able to hold down a relationship, be it with his ex-wife, kids, new partner or brothers, TP seems to be struggling. As TP was in an environment without a motherly figure growing up this could contribute to why TP has relationship troubles later on in life. The environment that his father created by being distance and strict, could explain why TP is also distant from his children, as well as others. TP also has begun to drink heavily which could relate to the environment his father created in the family home with his heavy drinking. The Behavioural Perspective believes that all behaviour is learn through environment through classical and operant conditioning. TP has also been unemployed from work for 8 years after taking a redundancy package from his job in the bank. He also dropped out of college 2 years into it. The Behaviourist approach might contribute this to the fact that he was never rewarded for the work he did. They believe that learning can occur through rewards and punishment, and seeing as TP has no one there to reward or punish him in his adolescence life, maybe this can contribute to why he seems to have took the easy way out in his job and
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