Psychodynamic Theory Of Domestic Violence

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Social work practitioners are involved and aware of all social justice issues in the world today. Domestic Violence is just one major social justice issue which has become more prominent in the world. According to Royal College of Nursing (2013), domestic violence is an incident involving controlling and violent behaviour between intimate partners and/or family members. It also involves physical and emotional abuse. A practitioner working in the field of domestic violence can apply different theories in order to present the best possible outcome for the service user. Three possible theories that can be applied are the psychodynamic theory, systems theory, and the feminist theory. The Psychodynamic theory involves working on a micro level,…show more content…
It will be argued that although there are many theories that can be used in social work practices a critical perspective (feminist theory) is clearly the most appropriate theory to apply in regards to my social justice issue, domestic violence.
The first theory that will be explored is a conservative practice, the psychodynamic theory. As a social worker, taking on a psychodynamic practice involves individualising the user, separation from social contexts and works with forces in maintaining the status quo which ignores the importance of societal constructs (Bliss & Rasmussen, 2013). The Psychodynamic theory was introduced by a man named Sigmund Freud. He developed a theory which focused on the unconscious behaviours and mental processors of an individual, which may be coherent with the individuals upbringing (Burton, Westen, & Kowalski, 2015). This theory is used with individual counselling and diagnostic methods. The social justice issue, domestic violence’s would be
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Many women are experiencing controlling and violent environment which should be about intimacy, love and care. In relation to this social justice issue, domestic violence all these theories can be applied effectively to assist in a practitioner’s work. Psychodynamic is a micro leveled practice involving more individualized work investigating the user’s unconscious behaviors and mental processors. Systems theory focuses on keeping a balanced equilibrium with marriage counselling and other forms of community assistance to help the user adapt to their environment. The critical perspective, feminist theory, works alongside the user in order to help identify social injustices and assists to empower and educate them. Critical practitioners work on a macro level. Overall these theories are all effective however the feminist theory, being a critical practice is more applicable when working with the social justice issue domestic
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