Psychodynamic Vs Cognitive Therapy Essay

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The grandiose narcissist copes with difficulties in self-esteem by viewing themselves as superior and unique and by engaging in grandiose fantasies. Narcissists are very exploitative, entitled, envious, aggressive, especially when they are distressed. As related to borderline, Narcissistic Personality disorder is strongly associated with a history of childhood adversity, including physical abuse and neglect, and with having a parent who was abused or had a previous mental problem. The potential forms of treatments of disorders will be directed to cognitive and psychodynamic approaches. Cognitive therapies have found means to help clients identify and challenge their negative thoughts and dysfunctional belief symptoms. Whereas psychodynamic approaches, helped clients recognize their maladaptive coping strategies and the sources of their unconscious conflicts. They help free…show more content…
The therapy sessions were usually short-term, about 12-20 week sessions with one or two sessions per week. These therapist had three main goals to accomplish when in these sessions with these clients; help assist clients with identifying their irrational and maladaptive thoughts, teach clients to challenge their irrational thoughts and to consider alternative ways of thinking and to encourage clients to face their worst fears about the issue at hand and find ways to cope with it. In addition, cognitive therapy treatments for borderline personality disorder were also proven very helpful. It incorporated a group intervention for people suffering with this disorder known as STEPPS (Systems Training for Emotional Predictability and Problem Solving). A clinical trial showed that people that participated in STEPPS compared to other therapy found greater improvements in negative affect, impulsivity and functioning than people that received the usual
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