Psychographic Characteristics Of Tourism

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Plog’s Psychographics is designed to explain what types of people prefer which types of destinations based on their psychographic characteristics, also analyzes the reasons behind which make the popularity of travel destinations rise and fall (Griffith& Albanese,1996). For travel destination, new and idiographic destinations (eg. Africa) are often considered as allocentric; and well developed destinations (eg. Australia) are considered as psychocentric (authentic). For individual travelers, according to Plog’s psychographics, venturers are those who prefer unique and independent travel experiences at destinations that are yet to be developed to a mass tourism market, which so called allocentric destinations. On the other hand, authentics are tourists who tend to visit well-developed tourist locations and would like to travel with tour groups. I will discuss the characteristics of both venturers and authentics in follows. Venturers, who own 4 % of the population (Plog 1985; cited in Nickerson 1989), are innovators who would like to be the first to visit a place or use a product. They are active and curious travelers who enjoy sense of delight and discovery, also they travel frequently and worldly to explore the world. Venturers explore without a plan and a tour guide, dare to take risks in different destinations and do not like crowd. Authentics, who own 2.5 % of the population (Plog 1985; cited in Nickerson 1989), generally do not like travel. They are low risk taking, use

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