Psychographic Segmentation Of Coca-Cola

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Introduction to the company
The Company Coca-Cola was founded in 1892 after the formula was invented by Pharmacist John S. Pemberton. The Company has its headquarter offices in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States and presently offers more than 500 brands in over 200 countries. The Company provides 1.7 billion servings per day and of this, Coke accounts for nearly 78%.
The Sale distribution is as follows: 42% (USA), 38% (India, Mexico, Brazil, China and Japan) and 20 % (Rest of the world).
South Africa has the largest Coca-Cola market in Africa and without fail ranks amongst the greatest performing countries in the empire of Coca-Cola. The focus of this assignment is Coke South Africa. Target Market
The Company Coca-Cola is extraordinarily
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Hence, they will attempt to show their status by consuming Coca-Cola. The Company is trying to pay attention to the level of education of its consumers. In an area that has a high percentage of education, the Company utilises advertisements in order to express the company’s message.
Coca-Cola is designed to satisfy consumer needs. The company provides drinks for different target markets that range from ages, sexes, and so on. The products are distributed and sold to a varied population world-wide. According to the New York Times, “Coca-Cola is also trying to target health conscious consumers…”. In our world nowadays, people seek to live healthier lives and Coca-Cola fortunately realised that desire of people and decided to produce different beverages that satisfy these varying customer needs Coca-Cola products are mainly purchased by middle to high classes, however, people’s purchasing decisions are perpetuated and based on a company’s ethic and/or social responsibility. Coca-Cola continues to gain its consumers trust by contributing to the
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After routing the low price store brands, coke has chosen to reposition itself as a “Premium” brand and raise prices.”. When people purchase Coca-Cola, they do not only purchase the beverage but also the image that goes with it, therefore having the price inflated restates the fact that the product is absolutely of better quality than its competitors. This is referred to as value-based pricing. Over a decade ago, Coca-Cola launched a 200ml bottle that costs R5- an affordable amount for the low income audience. Earlier Coke used Cost based pricing. Due to competition, Coke has now shifted to competitive pricing

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