Psychological Analysis: Character Analysis Of Virginia Woolf

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Personality analysis of Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf was born in 1882. She was an English well-known writer. Her family was intellectual gifted. Her father was an historian and author. Woolf’s mother, Julia, was a model and made modelling for some of the painters. Woolf had three full siblings and four half-siblings. She started her writing career as a young lady. She distributed her first novel in 1915. Her different writing style encouraged most of her peers who are interested in writing. After all, she became a well-known successful writer. She had experienced some traumatic incidents so, she was also known for emotional instabilities and tendency to depression. At the age of 59 she committed suicide. Her two half-brothers sexually abused her when she was 5 years old. However, as a young girl, Virginia was energetic and playful. While she is in adolescence period her mother suddenly died at the age of 49. As a result of this, she suffered first mental breakdown. Because of the undeniable reality of this huge loss spun, Woolf experienced nervous breakdowns, only made worse when two years later, her half-sister Stella also died. Throughout her life, her father Leslie ignored her too much. He also died in 1904, she had suffered the second mental breakdown. Despite her outward success, she continued to regularly suffer from both of depression and dramatic mood swings and periodic breakdowns, nervous collapse. Eight years after her father’s death, she married with Leonard.

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