Psychological Analysis Dreams

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Dreams and Analysis

Dream: a sequence of images, emotions, and thoughts passing through a sleeping person’s mind. (Myers, 98) Waking up in the middle of the night experiencing confusion or waking up around 10:30 in the morning desiring to revisit a wonderful unrealistic event could be a consequence from a dream. When a person falls asleep, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep may occur, producing dreams, which could possibly reveal certain things about the individual. Many theorists have proposed a few explanations of why people dream, such as to satisfy our own wishes, to file away memories, to develop and preserve neural pathways and etc. (Myers, 99-100) Doctors, psychologists, and …show more content…

Basically, the dream started with a bride running around in a fancy country chic room preparing for her wedding along with several bridesmaids gladly helping her. This scene is before the wedding, where all the people are zipping on their dresses or tying their ties in the mirror. During this time, I was the photographer for the wedding, wearing a bright smile because I was in high spirits. Cheerfully, I started to dash around this giant church assisting anyone who needed me, from placing bobby pins in a girl’s up do, to trying to dress a little boy who was the ring bearer. Moving forward, I’m sitting in the front row of the pews snapping great shots of the wedding taking place, and caught my friend (the groom) smiling from ear to ear. Suddenly, the gorgeous bride slowly begins to walk down as the piano plays. Elegantly striding to her future husband, the bride lands right in front of him, while I am sitting in awe with my camera. In the middle of their vows, I had a giant smile on my face and tears began to fall. As soon as the wedding was over, the bride and groom lightly ran down the pathway, giggling with happiness. I remember being so relieved and happy for my friend, causing for the tears to roll down my check. Ending the dream by standing up, waiting for everybody to clear, taking more pictures even though my tears became heavier and continued to stare at the

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