Psychological Analysis Of The Movie Girl, Interrupted

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Psychoanalysts’ understand human personality through behaviors by looking into experiences, including the origin of emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Through the analysis of the movie Girl, Interrupted, many of the characters behave in all sorts of manners, ranging from being unreasonable, frightened, happy, sad, or disturbed due to their varieties of behaviors. All the characters include different ailments that affect the way they act, respond, and interpret situations. In accordance with personality theories, the movie Girl, Interrupted explores the memoir of a young woman through personality disorders, traits, and humanism during her stay in a McLean psychiatric institution during the 1960’s. Susanna Kaysen, the protagonist, is diagnosed as having borderline personality disorder, due to her attempt at suicide by consuming an entire bottle of alcohol with aspirin. Susanna has issues in all types of relationships in her life, regarding that she does not have a concrete relationship with her parents, and does not seem to have any friends, due to her clear fear of abandonment. In the beginning of her stay at McLean, Susanna viewed the other patients as crazy, and truly had mental illness, unlike her. Ultimately she was able to develop friendships with the other patients, resulting in them helping each other throughout the movie. Susanna self destructive behavior stems from her troubling childhood caused by emotional problems from her parents. An example of what has caused

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