Psychological Changes In The Pony Boy

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Insider The Outsiders Pony boy is very rational, he is the one of the characters in the book impressed me deeply. Violence was much more powerful than we imagine… He is a member of the Greasers, and almost like a hood to steal things and have a gang fight once in a while. However, he changed. When he lost his friends, one by one. The full of experience always makes him to be a rational person. Pony boy start to want to the fight between Socs and Greasers to stop, here are basically three reasons that why he thinks so: They got psychological damage, it cause the death of his friends, and their gangs are very dangerous.

First of all, one of Pony boy’s changes throughout the novel is influenced by fighting. Johnny was for self-defense, so he killed Bob. This passage in the novel shows us the psychological change of Pony boy : “A panic was rising in me as I listened to Johnny’s quiet voice go on and on ‘Johnny!’ I nearly screamed. What are you gonna do? They put you in the electric chair for killing people!” I was shaking. I want a cigarette, I want a cigarette. We had smoked our last pack. “I’m scared, Johnny. What are we gonna do?”(Hinton 140). Pony boy and Johnny were going to have to fight it out alone. When Bob pressed
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They are two gangs. One is Upper class called Socs, another one is Lower class called Greasers. The two gangs have always looked down on each other. This is the very first page of the novel, and describe the relationship between the protagonists: “ Not like the Socs, who jump Greasers are almost like hoods; we steal and have a gang fight once in a while” (Hinton 2). This is the first key part of this novel, it tells us about the daily life of two gangs. In my personal perspective, the gang is an organization of decadent teenagers. As this quote said, both of two gangs are do something dangerous. Therefore, the gangs are
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