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Transitioning from a killing machine to a civilian can be a difficult task for anyone, and transitioning from a man to a woman can be just as hard, and both can be traumatizing to the mind. Kristen Beck, a Navy SEAL veteran, has gone through both transitions and shares her story in the film Lady Valor. Kristen has gone through the horrifying events of war and has faced the hardships of being transgender, both of which have been tough on Kristen both physically and mentally. From a male war hero to a female veteran, Kristen has gone through several experiences that are all psychologically interesting. The transition from a soldier to a citizen has its toll on anyone who decides to serve. The horrifying things that soldiers witness while serving are undeniably disturbing and can have lasting effects on the witnesses. One example would be PTSD, or post-traumatic stress syndrome, a psychological disorder where memories of the trauma can cause anxiety, depression, and aggression. Kristen shows signs of this in her film when she describes her sleep patterns. She often faces insomnia, and when she does sleep, she has…show more content…
People are constantly discriminating against transgender people, believing that they are not true human beings and so on. Often, transgender people are even denied medical care, and in Kristen’s case with her many injuries, this could be detrimental. To try to end this bigotry, people could start to view transgender people just like they view the other people in their lives. People could start to look at the achievements and the positive things that transgender people have done in order to look over the fact that they are transgender. Online, people should say only nice things to everyone rather than saying mean things in order to avoid bigotry on the Internet. If people try to overcome the prejudice against transgender people and other groups, bigotry would finally not

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