Psychological Effect: Self Confidence And Self-Esteem: A Psychological Analysis

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Psychological Effect: Self-confidence and Self-esteem According to Greenberg (2013), approximately 20% of the girls between the age of 8 and 18 who are using makeup say that they felt unappealing and undesirable without wearing makeup. And as a result of the survey she conducted, girls are wearing or using makeup in early age. They are also influenced by their celebrity idols, other people in TV shows and by the people in the environment they belonged. It says that women are more comfortable going out and socializing when they are wearing makeups. It also implied that the reasons why girls in early age prefer using makeup are because they are copying what older people around them do. According to DiDonato (2015), even though makeup can boost…show more content…
This simply says that some of the women do put make-ups to be beautiful because they believe being an attractive person gives them more chance to have a better and longer relationship with a man. “Makeup poses a unique dilemma for women: although women in the United States may encounter literature that warns them of the safety of their cosmetics, women who do not wear makeup may be confronted by sociological reports about how abstaining from the makeup industry puts them at a social disadvantage in comparison to their makeup wearing peers.” (Buegeler, 2015). It says that makeups give disadvantages in every woman who wore no makeups because they were compared to others to their peers who wore make-ups. According to Buegeler (2015), as a matter of fact, makeup can fool a woman because of its bright and attractive colors at the same time every cosmetic’s name like Daydream, Maraschino, and Plum Fairy. The makeup itself can do sales talk because of its appearance while it’s in the store. Women will be conscious about their face and will buy such cosmetics because they think that if they will put makeup on their face they will get more beautiful than the usual and it will boost their self-esteem. It will be easier to for them to express their selves…show more content…
They also say that makeup doesn’t only enhance their physical appearance but also the way other sees them. They also found out that there is also an advantage using make-ups for women because those who are wearing makeup and has a great potential got the bigger chance to get a prestigious job than those women without make-ups. It only states that the people with cosmetics are more attractive than those who don’t use make-ups. It also says that make-ups enhance not only the physical feature but the confidence too and with it, others see them more proper than those without it. And in terms of finding jobs, those who wear cosmetics have a higher possibility to be accepted in a specific work or job. According to Britton (2012), last 2008, YWCA USA developed a report Beauty at Any Cost wherein they discuss the consequences of beauty obsession of every woman in America. It shows that beauty obsession results from a decrease in the level of self-esteem. It also gives a problem to the Americans because it’s also putting a dent in their pockets. It states that because of those cosmetics many people have decreased the level of self-esteem because of those cosmetics. It also says that it is also a problem for every American because just to be beautiful they will buy every cosmetic they can

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