Effects Of Abortion

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The Effects of Abortion Once in a while people may experience sudden things that they don’t want or can’t endure. For some women, this may include pregnancy. A number of women resort to abortion to get rid of their unwanted babies. Abortion is the destroying of pregnancy by removing the baby from the uterus. Such a procedure is extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, many women are not aware of the consequences and how harmful they can be. Even if abortion is legal in many countries women still may suffer after their surgeries. Post-abortion problems may go on for years after an abortion has been performed. The effects of abortion include many psychological effects,health issues and emotional disturbances. The psychological aspects…show more content…
Women get physically damaged from abortions and even at times killed by many complications such as cervical laceration or uterine perforation (Carbone, 1998, p. 165) If abortion is performed in a well developed country it is actually one of the safest operations in medicine. However, unsafe abortions, performed by people without proper training and outside a medical environment, result in about seventy thousand maternal deaths and five million disabilities per year globally, with twenty million of those performed unsafely (Samrah Faiz - Karachi, 2012, p.single page). Doctors have also made a link between abortion and breast cancer; more long term effects are yet to be discovered. Nonetheless, abortion results in many disease disabilities and some cases sterility; the inability to produce offspring. Eventually, the health problems related to abortion may go beyond what anyone expects so women have to be extremely…show more content…
No matter what the reasons are for such an action, Women must consider other options. Effects go far as psychological, physical and emotional. Although abortion may have helped a woman solve a current crisis, the problems associated with this abortion often persist (Ruth Dixon-Mueller & Paul K.B, 2009, pg.116). Women may go through phases of denial and don’t like the remembrance of anything related to the abortion. Just because one might have the right to do something doesn’t mean that it’s in his or her best interest. In this case having an abortion doesn’t just mean relief for the women but negative effects occur as well and there’s the fact that a women does not put in mind that she is killing a
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