An Annotated Bibliography: The Psychological Effects Of Caffeine

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Caleb Gumbs Dr. Craig Sophomore Seminar October 31, 2014 The Psychological Effects of Caffeine Consumption An Annotated Bibliography Luebbe, Aaron M., and Debora J. Bell. "Mountain Dew® Or Mountain Don 't?: A Pilot Investigation Of Caffeine Use Parameters And Relations To Depression And Anxiety Symptoms In 5Th- And 10Th-Grade Students." Journal Of School Health 79.8 (2009): 380-387. Academic Search Complete. Web. 31 Oct. 2014. Since caffeine is the only legal psychoactive drug available to minors, it may have a really negative effect on the mental health of students. The study in this article targets the rates of depression and anxiety among 5th and 10th graders and whether or not the rates were significantly increased among students who…show more content…
To do so, a double blind study was conducted where all of the participants were not allowed to consume caffeine for four weeks and given replacement drinks. For half of the participants, the replacement drink contained caffeine and the other half received a drink without caffeine. After the four weeks was up, the participants were either given a caffeinated drink to taste test. The group that stayed on caffeine throughout the experiment reported pleasantness for the drink, and the group that was completely withdrawn had much lower levels of pleasantness being reported. This study will be extremely useful for my paper because it subliminally implies that caffeine dependence can indeed change the way people think. If caffeine can cause people to believe that a certain drink tastes more pleasant, then it might be indicative of those people’s dependence on the drug. Since this study was a double blind study it is less likely to have significant researcher bias involved. This study is also one that I could possibly recreate but maybe for a shorter…show more content…
It is one of the few articles that I have that cover long term effects of caffeine consumption which is one of the things that I wanted to cover in my final paper. This source does show me that there is some link between the reward system for caffeine consumption and caffeine addiction/dependence. This article has provided me with the basic pharmacology for caffeine. This is especially useful because it really breaks down the information, and I think I will be able to understand it within a year. The basic pharmacology will give me what I need to be able to introduce the caffeine pharmacology for my paper. Overall, this is by far the most useful source that I have ever
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