Psychological Effects Of Caffeine Annotated Bibliography

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Caleb Gumbs Dr. Craig Sophomore Seminar October 31, 2014 The Psychological Effects of Caffeine Consumption An Annotated Bibliography Luebbe, Aaron M., and Debora J. Bell. "Mountain Dew® Or Mountain Don 't?: A Pilot Investigation Of Caffeine Use Parameters And Relations To Depression And Anxiety Symptoms In 5Th- And 10Th-Grade Students." Journal Of School Health 79.8 (2009): 380-387. Academic Search Complete. Web. 31 Oct. 2014. Since caffeine is the only legal psychoactive drug available to minors, it may have a really negative effect on the mental health of students. The study in this article targets the rates of depression and anxiety among 5th and 10th graders and whether or not the rates were significantly increased among students who were consuming sizeable amounts of caffeine regularly. All 5th and 10th grade students from three different rural districts were invited to participate in the study where once both the parents and students consented to the study, they were asked different questions about the perceived effects, withdrawal symptoms, daily intake, psychological effects, and stimulating effects. As a sort of control group, the students were also asked about drinks that had very minimal caffeine and low sugar content. The results indicated that a vast majority of students were using caffeine regularly. Among the 5th graders the psychological and withdrawal effects of consuming caffeine were much more frequent than among the 10th graders. The 10th graders

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