Psychological Consequences Of Drug Abuse

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Some things are hard to let go of, and in some cases, drugs is the vice that people cannot turn their backs on. Drug abuse is rampant today as the availability and advanced technology today enables users to get the substance easier. In consequence, these drugs turn the users’ lives a 180 or 360 degrees around. The effects of drug abuse is a determining factor to one’s future as it causes psychological effects, lifestyle change, and internal damage.
Frequent drug use can cause a person to desire it regularly and this poses a psychological threat. According to Tracy (2012), drug abuse causes an alteration of the user’s mental focus in general and towards the drug. Instances where the user may be engrossed as to how and where to get the drug for
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The change of attitude towards former hobbies and peers tend to isolate the user and form a new lifestyle. Tracy has also stated that a change in lifestyle is an effect of drug use. As stated, “one of the side effects of drug abuse may be bizarre, out of character, behavior that further separates the drug abuser from their loved ones” (Tracy, 2012). In the same light, the activities of the user changes as the priorities are also altered to make way for drug consumption. Thus, a decreasing shift of performance in school or work is another factor of drug abuse’s effects [Sic]. The shift may cause consequences that is vital for future preferences since it involves long term consequences related to school and work. The decreased interest in previous productive hobbies deteriorates as the want and interest in drug consumption…show more content…
Drug abuse marks the life of a person negatively as slowly but surely, the body dies from the high consumption to the point the organs itself give up and the ignorance of the user—caused by the drug—towards others also creates a rift between him and his peers. Drug abuse is the beginning of one’s end.
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