Psychological Effects Of Grief Essay

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Circumstances surrounding the unexpected death of a loved one often add to the traumatic impact upon the bereaved and those left in deaths wake. Grief is a universal human experience. Most people will be confronted with the death of a loved one at some point in their lives. The grief response is unique from person to person (Cutcliffe, 1998). Despite the abundance of research studies that exist pertaining to grief, there is still little understanding of how grief is exhibited in the human experience and how healthcare professionals can best care for those who grieve (Reed, 2003). Several theoretical models have received attention in recent years and, while they question claims that they constitute a new paradigm for understanding bereavement, …show more content…

The sudden death of a loved one can be overwhelming, frightening and painful experience. The psychological, social and physical effects of loss are articulated through the practice of grief. How individuals grieve depends on many factors: their support system; the circumstances of the death; the response by family members, friends and the criminal justice system; the nature of the relationship with the deceased; religious or cultural beliefs and customs; and the individuals coping skills. After reading this chapter the reader will be able to review psychological experiences, and social contexts and physical aspect of grief caused by sudden death. Psychological Effects of Grief, development plays an important role in the processing of loss. This text explains many of the psychological aspects of grief and loss at each development on the understanding of sudden death. The motivation for this text is to integrate understandings of sudden loss with knowledge of human development over the life course. This aspect of grief has not received the attention it deserves. Sudden loss stimulates an acute sense of vulnerability and subsequent hypervigilance just as trauma does (Lopez Levers, 2012). Grief nearly always entails psychic pain, challenges in coping and, irritation, sadness, and rumination. Less commonly discussed is the heightened sense of vulnerability and fear that …show more content…

Lack of concentration and restlessness may experienced it also, as well as the feelings of isolation and loneliness. Interspersed with these reactions maybe feelings of anger, guilt and fear. The expression and acknowledgment of anger and guilt may bring some relief, as may reassurance that these are normal reactions. When such feelings are suppressed, the bereaved person may exhibit signs of constant irritation and/or physical tension. Fear can manifest itself as insecurity, a desire to escape from reality, and anxiety over apparent trivialities, leading sometimes to panic attacks in which the anxiety and fear are overwhelming and disrupt normal

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