Psychological Effects Of Rape In Prison

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Rape is a form of victimization that is highly underreported in society; just imagine how many rapes go unreported within the correctional institutes. Sexual assault and rape within the correctional facilities is a very complex and serious problem. Rape can cause depression, anxiety, self-shaming, and many other emotional issues as well as contribute to alcohol and drug abuse. Rape is a demoralizing crime that can leave the victim with lasting psychological effects. While rape can simply be defined as sex without consent, the impact rape has on the prison society is complex. Imagine being raped or sexually assaulted and having the face your abuser everyday whether it’s a worker in the correctional facility or another inmate. An estimated 4 percent of state and federal prison inmates…show more content…
Forcible rape occurs more in male prison, female prison attacks tend to be more subtle using mental and emotional manipulation before sex is forced. Correctional officers are also perpetrators of sexual assaults on inmates using their power of authority over inmates to obtain what they want out of the inmates fear. There are also consensual relationships within the facilities which is an impediment to recognition as well as the fact that a number of inmates are either unwilling to report victimization or do not realize that they are victims to a sexual assault. These acts go unreported for different reasons, inmates are often embarrassed the acts occur, and have fears of the perpetrator or fear of being placed in protective custody. The overall fear of the lack of prosecution the perpetrators receive my deter one from reporting these

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