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Have you ever been waken by someone else’ rowdy snoring? Have you ever been waken up in the middle of the night by your friends saying they could not go to sleep? Alternatively, have you ever been terrified seeing your brother or sister talking and walking alone around the house in the dark of the night? These cases are listed as few of many types of sleep disorder symptoms. It is very interesting to learn what our brain is capable of during sleeping time. In fact, sleep is a complex biological method that helps revitalizing our body and keeps us stay healthy. According to the data from TheVisualMD, sleep is also associated with the secretion and regulation of a number of hormones from several endocrine glands including melatonin, follicle…show more content…
She also used to take care of her mother who often experiences sleepwalking at night. That is why I thought she could give more information about this topic base on her observation and experience. According to Katlynn, sleepwalking is an interesting phenomenon. However, there are also many misconceptions about it. She also stated that the answer to the question why people sleepwalking is still undermined. In her opinion, sleepwalking occurs when a person is stressed or under some drugs or medication. The reason for her assumption is that she admits that her mother has to take many other medications to for diabetes, anxiety, and stress. After sometimes stop using too many medications, the frequency of sleepwalking has decreased. She also believes most people probably can experience sleepwalking. Similar to my opinion, she claims that sleepwalking can be a bad thing because it causes confusion and harm for the sleepwalkers. When the brain is unable to inhibit action, there might be other problems, and those might lead to more other problems. During sleepwalking, Katlynn’s mother could knock on others’ door room, or hitting her father when he was sleeping next to her, or she would just simply stare blankly at the ceiling. It might sound creepy; however, she concerned more about her…show more content…
Sleepwalking, formally known as somnambulism, is a behavior disorder that originates during deep sleep and results in walking or performing other complex behaviors while asleep (Lambert, 2008). Sleepwalkers are actually walking, talking, or even preparing food while they are sleeping. These behaviors may be as simple as moving objects or walking in the room, or can involve complex actions such as preparing food or getting ready for work while the body is sleeping (Dang-Vu et al., 2015). As in Katlynn’s stories, her mother sleepwalked around the house and actually performed complex actions such as knocking on door or even turning on gas stove. These actions seem to be considered as rare occurrences, but it probably can happen to anyone. When an individual goes through the NREM stages, he or she is falling into a deep sleep. That is also the reason why it is challenging to wake up a sleepwalker. In REM sleep, your brain is very active while your body is not. In NREM, in the other hands, your brain is not very active, but your body is. This is lightly similar to my assumption about sleepwalking. However, according to one research about somnambulism, the study the neural mechanisms underlying this condition remain poorly understood (Dang-Vu et al., 2015). A somnambulism patient might talk or shout as he or she is walking. Their eyes usually open and have a confused, glassy-looking, and blank

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