Psychological Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior

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Consumer's buying behavior is strongly influenced by cultural, social, individual and psychological factors. In this paragraph we are looking at psychological factors. It is well known that human’s behavior is controlled by his psychological activities. Therefore in marketing, despite the ever changing consumers’ demand and buying behaviors, all are built on the basis of psychological activity process. The main factors in this area that affect the process of consumer psychological activities are : perception, personality, attidues, motivation and learning.

2.1 Motivation
Motivation as internal driving force drives consumer behavior and guides the purchase activities to meet certain needs. Marketers is all about getting to know what motivates
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Consumer perception refers to the concept of sensory percetion to marketing and advertising. Just like it relates to how a human perceive and process sensory stimuli through their five senses. A product's unique sense is very helpful to stand out from other same range of products. With the increasingly improvement of the living standard, the sensory experience has become more and more influencing factors of our selected products and services . Consumers often to choose product with hedonic value than basic function. In this situation, sometimes "outlook" has become a function. Ipad has very "cool" design. Marketers use visual factors to creat impacts, no matter in its advertising, shops' display and packaging. It expresses the meaning of the product through color, specification, style and other visual channels. Researchers have found that humans will have feeling of dependency after they touch something more than 30 seconds. What Apple do? They provide convenient chances for consumers to "play" their Ipad in any one of their apple outlet. Touch screen technology is the better way to combine tactile sensation and fun. When a stimulus goes in the range of personal sense organs, the exposure is created. Psychophysics including absolute threshold and different threshold theories. The "apple" sign image as a symbol of the brand, “taking a bite of the Apple”, where “bite”, is pronounced the same as the computer expression “byte” (as in Megabyte). The bite in the apple also meant the the logo no longer looked like or was confused with a tomato. It has become recognizable and popular identification. Simple and interesting to remember. The upshot of all this competitive discounting is iPad now has its highest value scores since 2012 and is the only one of the three tablets with a positive value trajectory. Consumer's perception

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