Factors That Influence Consumer Buying Behaviour

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Buying Behavior is the decision processes and involved in purchasing and using goods. Have to be conscious of the idea of reason consumers make the purchases? What factors influence consumer purchases? The changing variables in society. Consumer Buying Behavior make reference to the buying behavior of the final consumer. Numerous factors and characteristics impact the individual in what individual is and the consumer in his decision making process, shopping habits, purchasing behavior, the brands individual purchase or the retailers individual goes. A purchase decision is the result of every single one of these factors. An individual and a consumer is driven by culture, social class, family, personality and psychological factors
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Organization attempt to figure out the tendency so can reach the individual to purchase their products in the most cost-effective way. Businesses frequently attempt to impact a consumer’s behavior with things they can control, for example, the design of a store, music and availability of products, pricing, and promoting. yet a few influences might be impermanent and others are dependable, different factors can influence how buyer’s acts—whether they impact you to make a purchase or purchase nothing at all. The psychological Factors are the factors that discuss about the psychology of a person that drive his actions to reach satisfaction. Few of the important Psychological Factors are: Self-Concept, Motivation, Perception, Knowledge and Belief and Attitudes.

Psychological Factors
The Internal influences that have effect on consumer behavior consist of an individual’s perception, learning, memory, motives, personality, emotions and attitudes. (Hawkins & Mothersbaugh, 2010, 274-275). The buying behavior of consumers is affected by various of psychological factors. The most important ones Motivation, Perception, Self-concept, Knowledge and Belief and Attitudes.
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Marketers are interested in the beliefs that individual figure about particular goods and services in light of the fact that these beliefs make up item and brand images that influence buying behavior. If some of the beliefs aren’t right and avoid to purchase, the marketer need to organize a campaign to rectify them. A consumer may trust that Sony’s Cyber-shot camera takes the best HD video, is simplest to utilize, and is the most sensibly valued. These beliefs might be based on religion, knowledge, or rumor. Consumers have a tendency to build up a set of beliefs about a good’s qualities and after that, through the beliefs, form a brand image about a particular brand. (Lee,

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