Psychological Horror Film Genre

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1. Textual Analysis Psychological horror By Karen O’Neil
2. Style The psychological horror film genre consists of close ups and extreme close ups of character’s facial expressions and significant props which are slowly revealed to create tension, confusion and enigma to the audience. This technique is used to draw the audience into the film and want to continue watching as well as foreshadow the pace of the film. This technique is seen in several horror films such as Se7en, The Ring and Silent Hill. These shots are usually accompanied by slow editing and either screeching noises, string based instrumentals or echo 's. During the opening sequence of Se7en the audience first hear a deep base sound, similar to thunder which later on develops into a high pitched screeching noise. However the opening sequence to The Ring sticks to a naturalistic theme and emphasises the sound of rain hitting the windows and the echo’s of someone’s footsteps although the audience are unable to see them. Furthermore Silent Hill uses a deep based instrumental, similar to Se7en which occasionally has sound effects similar to a chainsaw.
3. Se7en Dangerous weapons are often used in horror film genre. Especially during the opening sequence so the audience can easily identify the type of film. The use of low key lighting and a black background is common to represent the evil and dangerous themes within the film. The close up is used to alarm the audience and grab their attention. It also gives the

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