Psychological Issues In Sonny's Life

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Sonny is a 24-year-old single Latino male living with his adoptive parents. Recently he has been referred by his outpatient psychotherapist for hospital admission. Within the past 2 years, Sonny has been struggling with symptoms such as concentration difficulties, anxiety, and obsessional thinking. Sonny began experiencing paranoid and delusional thoughts a year prior to his admission after Sonny began to smoke marijuana. More recently, Sonny developed concerns that the police and FBI were “out to get him.” Sonny also started to hear voices in his head. The voices were made out to be angry and critical toward him. Throughout his life he had always been a loner who never had any friends. When Sonny turned 16, he realized that he was homosexual. His father had been accepting of his sexuality while his mother often referred to him with pejorative labels, such as “fag.” With being gay Sonny had said it has caused him the trouble of loneliness. Despite his lifelong difficulties with social adjustment, after graduating high school, he then decided to attend a college to take introductory courses. Yet during his freshman year, Sonny had decided to smoke marijuana leaving him to believe it damaged his brain. He soon dropped out of college and took a career as a janitor which allowed him to work alone and required a limited amount of social interaction. Risk…show more content…
Dating back to his early childhood, Sonny grew up with an adopted sister along with his adopted parents. It was confirmed that even when Sonny was growing up there were frustrations between social interactions. However, he was very attached to his father which converted into feeling distressed and lonely whenever he was away from home or his father for an extended period of time. Also, after realizing he was homosexual and the mistreatment he received from his very own mother probably gave him the feeling of unacceptance by all his
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