Psychological Issues In The Things They Carried

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Many people try escaping the draft of war usually fleeing to another country. In the book, The Things They Carried, the author Tim O’ Brien considered fleeing to Canada when he discovered he was going to be sent to Vietnam. Though he had the opportunity too, O’ Brien decided not to flee so he would not disappoint his family and friends. However, during the war he wrote segments, or chapters, of his life pertaining events that occurred while he was away in Vietnam. O’ Brien included information that was not normally discussed in war such as events that occurred, actions performed, or visuals seen. The author discusses the psychological issues soldiers, went through during the war and throughout the rest of their lives because of it. To begin with, the story starts by talking about Lieutenant Jimmy Cross and his love for Martha. Martha was a junior at college sending Cross letters of everyday activities she partook or events going on in her life and signed each letter ending with “Love, Martha” (O’ Brien1). Though Jimmy Cross knew she did not actually love him,…show more content…
As the title of this book, The Things They Carry, it portrays these soldiers had something they carried with them during most times. Certain soldiers such as Jimmy Cross “received a good-luck charm from Martha. It was a simple pebble” (O’ Brien 5). This gesture brought joy to him and calmed Cross down; however, he continued to remain distracted and fantasy about Martha. The medic, Rat Kiley, carried M&M’s for “especially bad wounds” (O’ Brien 4). This would divert the attention of the wounded and remind them of a childlike or innocent past. Another soldier by the name, Henry Dobbins, “carried his girlfriend 's pantyhose wrapped around his neck as a comforter” (O’ Brien 7). These items were used for fulfilling the purpose of escaping the horrors of war and reality they were in, even if just for a moment it comforted
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