Psychological Resistance In A. S. Byatt's Possession

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Chapter three Psychological Resistance In more detail, A.S Byatt’s Possession is redolent of certain aspects of Freudian psychology, more specifically, repression. In this novel the reader becomes aware of the undertakings of the main character Roland Mitchell not only because of growing up in a society filled with a “ pretty blank day” but because of growing up in the hands of a drunken mother. A.S Byatt writes that “[H]e thought himself as a latecomer” and adds: He (Roland) had arrived too late for things that were still in the air but vanished, the whole ferment and brightness and journeying’s and youth of the 1960s, the blissful dawn of what he and his contemporaries saw a pretty blank day. Through…show more content…
Byatt writes that even remembering her has been the reason for a major part of Roland’s scorn. She marks that “when he thought of his mother, the adjective would not be expurgated. She was disappointed, in herself, in his father, in him.” Consequently, her drunkenness, disappointment, and unpleasant behaviors made gloomy all Roland’s school and childhood: The wrath of her disappointment had been the instrument of his education, which had taken place in a perpetual rush from site to site of a hastily amalgamated three school comprehensive……….His mother had drunk too much stout, ‘gone up to the school and had him transferred from metal work to Latin. From Civic Studies to French……. . These indicators are consequences of his mother- child relationship in the first years of his life and his authoritative figures, and society in and of itself. Byatt states that his mother was drunk most of the time. Drunkenness of parents psychologically has very bad effect on children during their first years of life. Berger argues that parental alcoholism has severe effects on normal children of alcoholics. And that many of these children have common symptoms such as low self-esteem, loneliness, guilt, feelings of helplessness, fears of abandonment, and chronic depression . Of course Roland because of having an alcoholic mother, should have lived under such threatening
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