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1. Effective and imaginative manipulation of media in the decade has strengthened its status as one of the most important pillars of the state. The media blitz as employed by the US during its operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, the consequent effects have encouraged contemporary armies to use it as an important tool to support military operations to attain desired effects. The glimpse of the same has also been witnessed during the Kargil conflict.
2. The technological developments have greatly revolutionized the media coverage in the military conflicts of modern times. During all major conflicts of the 20th Century, the adversaries used print media quite effectively
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Selection and Use of Media Instruments for Delivering PSYOP. Once the themes and symbols for the PSYOP program have been chosen, it must be decided how to convey them to the target audience in the most effective way. Before picking a medium or media mix for the message, the commander must consider the advantages and disadvantages of each medium as well as the general criteria for media selection.
14. Analysis
Information Revolution has changed the world to a Global Village and media has played a vital role in this change. Media has access to every home and its effects are profound on masses. It has displayed the ability to capture people’s minds and hearts during recent wars. Media has the potential even to change a faulty State policy. It plays a vital role to get the favorable public opinion both at home and abroad.
15. Armed forces must have the backing of the nation before going to war and media plays a very effective role in this regard. Operational secrecy in modern limited wars now requires active connivance of the media. Media can serve as a force multiplier and should be used to its full potentials. Use of media for deception purposes should be a very deliberate decision and media must be taken into confidence. However, it does not reflect revealing of operational plans to media rather information dissemination should be on need to know

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