Psychological Sociological And Psychological Approach

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2.5 Explain the Concepts from the Psychological, Sociological and Philosophical Approach.
2.5.1 Psychological Approach Gender differences incline to play a vital role in the decision making of solving ethical issues. It is usually important that the gender differences concepts being comprehended from the psychological approach. Human beings not only know how to create behavior but also learn to classify, evaluate and judge the behavior of other person and themselves. According to Tang (1988) psychology is the study of the humans’ mind and how they respond to circumstances. From the psychological approach, an individual’s brain and heart which contribute to rational (logic) and emotion (mood) are always affecting their ethical decision making. It is argued that men and women bring different behaviors and values to the workplace. Men and women develop different interests, practices and decisions because of these different values and behaviors based on gender. Therefore, men and women respond differently to the same set of occupational rewards and costs. Men will seek competitive success and are more likely to break rules because they view achieve- mint as competition. Women are more concerned with doing tasks well and promoting harmonious work relationships. Therefore, women are more likely to adhere to rules and be less tolerant of those individuals who break the rules. The gender socialization approach

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